Breeding Stock

We have 16 llamas kept at Severnwye Farm that we use for treks from Mallards Pike Lake and for displays, shows and other events.

Please note new telephone number to contact us at Severnwye Farm at any time: 01594 528482

Welcome to Severnwye Llama Trekking

Severnwye Llama Trekking is based in the beautiful Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire. We have been llama trekking since 2001 and now have camels, mules, donkeys, rabbits, birds and a large collection of other animals.

Llama Treks

Our llamas can be seen trekking through the Forest regularly, heading out from our start point at Mallards Pike Lake, carrying food, water and other kit for groups of walkers.

Llamas are wonderful animals that have a placid and helpful nature, and relate well to humans. They all enjoy their walks and have no trouble carrying the equipment and supplies for a great day out.


Our camels often accompany treks with the llamas, but are most often seen at weddings, agricultural shows, parades and many other events.

Breeding Stock

We have an extensive breeding program for llamas and can supply animals throughout the UK. 

Animal Collection

We are not open to the public but after your trek you will be invited to visit the farm to see our stud and breeding llamas with their offspring. Young llamas are called crias.

Gift Vouchers

We offer gift vouchers for you to give as a birthday treat or for other special occasions. Please contact us for more details or to arrange a gift voucher.

Ideal Xmas Presents for friends and family!


Alastair & Moira Fraser

Severnwye Farm
01594 528482
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